Sunday, February 21, 2010

37 weeks 2 days

What a BEAUTIFUL day it is today! I wanted today to be a repeat of last Sunday, so the Mr and I are laying in our bed with the curtains and window open watching TV. As soon as I get done with this post we are going to watch Dances with Wolves. I have never watched it and apparently that is a HUGE mistake.

Here I am today in all of my huge pregnant glory. Praise the good Lord above that I get my hair highlighted this Thursday!!!! I absolutely cannot wait. I haven't had it done since August and you can SO tell. My hairdresser is going to want to quit when I walk in.

Matt commented that this picture isn't zoomed in. Well that was on purpose thank you very much! Any closer and you would be able to see that my lips and nose resemble that of Mrs. Potato head. I used to wonder what my lips would look like if I were to get injections in them. I now know and will never ever have it done!

We went to the DR last Thursday and since it was my 37 week visit she checked me. I wasn't "open" until she decided she was going to see how much she could open me herself. She (I guess) manually dialated me to 1 cm and could feel his head. (This info might qualify as TMI.. if so, I apologize!) Now it is just a waiting game! I will say that my uterus measured at 39 cm and according to my books that is where you are at 39 weeks!!!

On a completely random note, I am so excited for The Bachelor tomorrow night. I really really hope Ali is the next Bachelorette. She was my favorite throughout the whole thing and I really feel Jake made a mistake in not letting her come back. Vienna Sausage is so wrong for him and him and Tenley are too much alike. They have to be two of the cheesiest people in the world. Ali balanced him out. Bad mistake Jake. Should have checked with me first ;) Oh well, she'll become the next bachelorette, fall in "love" after 6 weeks and date the guy for a year at the most and be back at square one. Tell me again why I watch this show???

Off to dance with the wolves while basking in the glorious day God has given us. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

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Kelsey Sisk said...

I(Jimmy) would like to know what you thought of the movie, it is an all time favorite of mine??? and the vienna sausage comment cracked me up!!!


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