Tuesday, February 9, 2010

34 week update (only 1 1/2 weeks late.. no biggie!)

Connor reached about 20 inches and 5 1/2 lbs this week and most of his growth in the next month or so will be in weight. His skinny little legs and arms are starting to get sweet little baby fat on them too!
Snowed in on our big 34 week celebration :)

Last Tuesday Aunt Kim (Matt's aunt) threw us a lovely baby shower and invited his family. It was so much fun and so unbelievably sweet of her to do!

Edible pacifers. They were lifesavers and the blue "nipple" was a jelly bean! So cute and quite yummy too!

The beautiful flowers

I loved these goodie bags! Aren't they sweet?!

The cute wrapper covers that covered up Hershey bars and carriage suckers.

The oh so yummy cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes here in Nashville. The back one that was white cake was Birthday Cake, the red one was Red Velvet Cake and the brown one was Midnight Magic. Red Velvet was my absolute favorite!

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