Monday, November 2, 2009

21 weeks down...19 to go!

Unfortunately, there will be no pictures in this post. Why? Because I am officially my mother. haha.. LOVE YOU MOM! I don't go anywhere anymore without forgetting something. I left my camera in Arkansas. I honestly think I would have rather left my cell phone. I use my camera everyday now! It'll be nice to buy a new one so that I can have my current as a back up, because apparently this momentarily brain loss isn't so momentary!
With that admitted, let's move onto more positive things... Connor's growth! This week he is about 7 inches in length and almost 11 oz in weight..about the size of a large banana. (Based on last week's DR appt, he was actually that size last week. Either he is measuring a week ahead or I will just have a big baby!) He is swallowing right now and has taste buds, so he is tasting what I taste! Fortunately, I eat about anything except for mushrooms and mayo. I won't mind if he doesn't prefer those either!
There have been a few changes in me this week, the main one being swollen feet and hands. I am SOOOOO sad that I am not going to be able to wear my wedding ring anymore, but Matt is terrified it is going to get stuck on my finger. I guess my next stop is to find one to wear.. don't want any more looks than I already get! I have found that when you are pregnant, people look in your eyes and immediately look at my belly. I just can't wait until the day they look at the little man I am holding instead :)
I had a fabulous weekend in Arkansas, but will wait until I get my camera back to post more about that. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


AEGriffith said...

Kelli! I can't believe Connor is already the size of a banana! He will be here before you know it!

Susan said...

I know exactly how you feel...without my camera...I would be LOST!! What a cute name...Connor! The swelling is NO fun...I had swelling with my first (which was a boy) and no swelling with my girls??? Weird... remember to prop your feet up often to help with the swelling in your feet:) take care


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