Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 year with many more to go :)

What a great year! Matt and I are blessed with a fun, loving relationship, and we thank God for that every night! We started the celebration on Friday night with a fondue meal at home. Saturday we did some shopping for Matt then stayed at the Renaissance Hotel (the tallest hotel in Nashville) for the night. We had a great time and appreciate everyone for the sweet cards and gifts.

Look at the beautiful flowers Matt got me! He got them because they looked like the flowers from our wedding! That is also our fabulous wedding cake and the fondue pot is to the right. It was a cheese fondue. If anyone wants a good recipe, Rachael Ray is the one to go to.

I taught Snuggles how to take pictures ;)

This was the view from our hotel room. We were on the 19th floor.

We think this is a church. Whatever it is, it is one of my favorite buildings in Nashville.

That building in the bottom right is the Sommet Center. It is like Arkansas' Alltel.

This was in one of the elevators. Those were the fastest elevators I have ever been in. High floors, glass walls, sudden drops spells MOTION SICKNESS!

We thought this courtyard was pretty cool. I would love to see what it looked like once you got in it.

Everything in there is chocolate! Even the music sheet.

The famous Batman Building

This was a cool bar/grill that had flat screens everywhere showing football games.

If you look very closely you will notice this man has no shoes on!

A couple taking their wedding pictures

The Sommet Center at night. There was a Predators game that night. Kyle was there!

They let us choose a dessert since it was our anniversary. Litte did we know we were ordering a dessert for 4. It was a Jack Daniel's Chocolate Skillet Cake!

The Bridge at night. I loved the lights. Matt loved the flat screens everywhere.

1 year anniversary!

Downtown Nashville at night.

I accidentaly got off on Music Row floor and there were pictures of country music stars everywhere. It was pretty cool to think all of them had been there at one point.

I loved those chairs.

Another chocolate sculputre

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Susan Ferguson said...

What fun reading all about your new life together--even though we talk all the time, this blog deal is great fun!! It's nice because I can read it and tear up and even cry a little--all happy tears--and not have to worry about LOSING IT like I did at the wedding-no drugs necessary. I am so happy for you and so thankful that the man I prayed for found his way to my little girl. The only negative is you are too far from me but I guess I have mentioned that a few times already:). Just keep dating and laughing and praying and you will have many many more years of happiness ahead. I love you both so much. Matt you get an A PLUS--and that is saying alot from a "momma". Now we just need to pray that MANY years from now our little Lance will find the same happiness.


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